This was my first experience with a chiropractor. After my first few treatments, I began to see a noticeable difference. Dr. Riley’s regimen of adjustments, exercise, and proper nutrition has helped me get my life back.

Several of Dr. Riley’s staff have been with him over 20 years. It is evident in the level of care and concern their patients receive.

Awesome staff, great doctor who is awesome! After going to other doctors for two years he found out what is wrong with my hubby in 5 minutes. We highly recommend him. Thank you Doctor Riley for finding out what the problem is.

When you think you’ve tried everything to get control of your pain, you might want to consider acupuncture. My husband suffered from headaches and didn’t want to wreck his health with pain medications. Acupuncture actually worked great, and the treatments don’t hurt at all, since the needles are so thin. Dr. Riley is a pro30

My energy and focus declined significantly after my thyroid surgery. While my blood work was normal, I just didn’t feel the same and had started having sleep problems. I am much better now! My energy level is the best it has been in years.

Since beginning treatment with Dr. Riley, I have been able to drastically cut down on the amount of pain medication I was taking. I am steadily losing weight and do not feel hungry or deprived at all. My cholesterol and triglyceride levels have drastically improved.

I have had headaches all my life. I have also had bursitis, foot pain, and other issues such as lower back pain. Little Rock Chiropractic Clinic has kept me pain free without medication for over 30 years.

Dr. Riley’s K-Laser is the real deal. I have done a little research on laser treatments offered in clinics in the area, but this one is designed for its therapeutic effect on joints and not for skin care. There is no way I could be as active as I am, doing the things I love,30

Dr. Riley recommended that I receive K-laser treatments on my upper forearm and elbow due to pain from strained muscles. The cold laser application was painless with only a slight warming sensation and after just a few treatments my pain level was zero. I feel certain that the K-laser treatments stimulated and enhanced the healing30

Love Dr. Riley and his staff! He’s help me with scoliosis, migraines, pinched nerves, feet problems, etc.etc. Definitely a miracle worker! He’s also helped my kids and they are better at sports because of it. Plus his vitamins and health screenings are accurate & amazing. Go see him!